At B. Riley, our research process is an interactive one where we perform extensive due diligence on companies until the analyst develops the knowledge base and understanding of the company and the industry to make a recommendation. Our analysts continuously monitor industry developments and communicate with the management, competitors, suppliers and customers of the companies we follow, regularly communicating our findings through Research Updates and daily Morning Notes.

While we do not necessarily publish research on all of the companies we review, the knowledge base and understanding of many of our monitored companies parallels that of our covered companies. We actively cover over 100 companies and monitor an additional 100. Our analysts cover small to mid-cap companies that are under-followed or misunderstood by Wall Street. We believe that the pricing of small cap equities is frequently inefficient, and therefore provides the greatest potential rewards to diligent security analysis.

This Week's Research

  • 08/21/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: AVGO, COHU, DSW, GDDY, KIRK, MRVL, OOMA, TLYS, TRUE, TUES
  • 08/21/17 Update TRUE ($16.67, Buy; $21.00 PT): Meetings with Management Reinforce Thesis of Share Gains and Operating Leverage; Remains Focus List Pick
  • 08/21/17 Update GDDY ($41.80, Buy; $53.00 PT): Meetings with Management Reinforce Thesis of ARPU Growth Acceleration in 2018/2019; Sucuri Potential Hidden Gem
  • 08/21/17 Update COHU ($17.64, Buy; $28.00 PT): Confidence On LT Revenue Objectives With Abundant Margin Levers; PT Is $28.00
  • 08/21/17 Update MRVL ($15.67; Buy $23.00 PT): Strong Execution Should Outpace Low F2Q and F3Q Expectations; PT Is $23.00, Buy
  • 08/21/17 Update AVGO ($249.50; Buy $305.00 PT): Communications Businesses Should Drive F3Q&F4Q Upside; Reiterate Buy And $305.00 PT
  • 08/21/17 Update OOMA ($7.90, Buy; $13.00 PT): Earnings Preview: Getting Back on Track; Subdued Expectations and Depressed Valuation Create a Low Hurdle; Growing UCaaS…
  • 08/18/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: AMAT, DLB, FN, IMMR, PNTR (Initiation), ROG, SSI, TRUE
  • 08/18/17 Update FN ($40.52, Buy; $44.75 PT): Earnings Preview: Expect In Line/Mixed Print/Outlook; Choppy Optical Demand; Wait for Print
  • 08/18/17 Update SSI ($1.90, Sell; $1.00 PT): Light Q2 EBITDA, Oil Patch Comps In Line w/Chain; Positive July on Effective Promos; FY Guide Raised; Q4-Loaded 2H; Valuation…
  • 08/18/17 Update ROG ($118.48, Buy; $147.00 PT): A-Day Target Model Growth And Margins Surprise Favorably; PT Is $147.00, Retain Buy
  • 08/18/17 Update AMAT ($44.50, Buy; $61.00 PT): Strong Diversified Growth Execution Lifts Estimates Even Higher; PT To $61.00, Retain Buy
  • 08/18/17 Update DLB ($48.68; Buy; $61.50 PT): Highlights from Management Meeting at Dolby HQ; Positive on Outlook for Enhanced Margin and FCF Trends Starting in FY18;…
  • 08/17/17 Initiation of Coverage PNTR (13.43, Buy; $19.25 PT): Recently Transformed Pure-Play MRM Telematics Company; Consistently Profitable with Expanding Platform of Services;…
  • 08/17/17 Update NLST ($0.62, Buy; $2.46 PT): Pads Cash Balance Tactically, But Dilution Reduces C18E EPS; PT To $2.46; Retain Buy
  • 08/17/17 Update PRGX ($6.15, Buy; $8.00 PT): Investor Meetings Highlight Compelling Growth Opportunity; Reiterate Buy Rating and $8.00 Price Target
  • 08/17/17 Update ADI ($80.06, Buy; $103.00 PT): Appoints CFO, With Strong Operations And Recently Set Targets Minimizing Transition Risk; Buy, PT Is $103.00
  • 08/17/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: ADI, INTC, PRGX, RLH, SIMO
  • 08/16/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: CELH, EVLV, VIAV, WYY
  • 08/16/17 Update EVLV ($0.98, Buy; $2.00 PT): Q2 Preview; Completed Product Mix Revamp + Easiest Comp in 5 Years + Increased HD Channel Penetration = Return to Positive…
  • 08/16/17 Update VIAV ($10.63, Buy; $12.50 PT): F1Q Outlook Below Consensus as 3D Sensing Revenue Won’t Ramp Until F2Q; Lowering Estimates and PT from $14.00 to…
  • 08/16/17 Update WYY ($0.42, Buy; $1.00 PT): Reports Generally In-line Q2, with Longer, Simpler Ramp to Profitability as Deploys Trusted Mobility Management Service…
  • 08/15/17 Initiation of Coverage CELH (4.23, Buy; $7.00 PT): Differentiated Product with Loyal Customer Base; Growing Domestic and International, Asia Setting Up; Drinks w/ Benefits;…
  • 08/15/17 Update FSNN ($1.21, Buy; $3.00 PT): Top-to-Bottom Q2 Beat; Nearly 11% Organic Business Services Revenue Growth; Cloud Services Provider Trading at Just 0.9x…
  • 08/15/17 Update ROG ($118.43, Buy; $147.00 PT): Expect Upbeat A-Day To Highlight LT Growth, Margin Expansion; PT Is $147.00, Buy
  • 08/15/17 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: FSNN, ROG