Through our conferences and events, we put company leaders in front of our clients in group and 1on1 meetings on a regular basis.  In fact, we have scheduled thousands of 1on1 meetings with presenting company management teams throughout the year.  In addition to our annual event, we host several industry specific conferences throughout the year as well as non-deal road shows.

Upcoming Events

  • 01/27/17 Analyst Jimmy Baker attending NYC Boat Show (BC, HZO, MBUU, MCFT). Conference
  • 03/01/17 Rogers Corporation (ROG) Roadshow with B. Riley in Toronto. Roadshow
  • 03/07/17 Ducommun Incorporated (DCO) Roadshow with B. Riley in Chicago/Milwaukee. Roadshow
  • 05/24/17 18th Annual B. Riley Co. Investor Conference in Santa Monica. Conference