At B. Riley, our research process is an interactive one where we perform extensive due diligence on companies until the analyst develops the knowledge base and understanding of the company and the industry to make a recommendation. Our analysts continuously monitor industry developments and communicate with the management, competitors, suppliers and customers of the companies we follow, regularly communicating our findings through Research Updates and daily Morning Notes.

While we do not necessarily publish research on all of the companies we review, the knowledge base and understanding of many of our monitored companies parallels that of our covered companies. We actively cover over 100 companies and monitor an additional 100. Our analysts cover small to mid-cap companies that are under-followed or misunderstood by Wall Street. We believe that the pricing of small cap equities is frequently inefficient, and therefore provides the greatest potential rewards to diligent security analysis.

This Week's Research

  • 08/29/14 Update B. Riley & Co. Industry Update - Household/Personal Care: Weekly Highlights (COTY, MED, NTRI, RDEN, SBH)
  • 08/29/14 Update AMSWA ($9.06, Buy; $12.50 PT): Reports Mixed FQ1 ’15 Results; Increasing Price Target from $11.75 to $12.50; Reiterate Buy Rating
  • 08/29/14 Update BC ($41.12, Buy; $56.00 PT): Management Meeting Highlights Long-Term Opportunities Beyond Wave of New Products; Raising PT to $56
  • 08/29/14 Update PSUN ($2.30, Neutral; $2.00 PT): Q2 in line with pre-announce; Q3 EPS guide-below; brick & mortar comps negative/margins down; lowering PT from $2.10…
  • 08/29/14 Morning Note B. Riley & Co. Morning Notes: AMSWA, BC, COTY, PSUN, XCRA
  • 08/29/14 Update XCRA ($10.36, Buy; $13.00 PT): Expect Solid Results And Outlook On Cycle And Co Specific Trends
  • 08/29/14 Update COTY ($17.39, Neutral; $14.00 PT): Where's the Growth?--Cutting Estimates and Price Target from $16 to $14
  • 08/28/14 Update GES ($25.64, Neutral; $26.00 PT): Q2 consensus miss; guide-down; denim challenges appear to have intensified; awaiting the inflection point; lowered…
  • 08/28/14 Update BV ($7.36, Buy; $9.75 PT): FQ1 ’15 Earnings Preview; Reiterate Buy Rating and $9.75 Price Target
  • 08/28/14 Morning Note B. Riley & Co. Morning Notes: ADI, BV, GES, GSM, IEC, KLIC, NTRI, TLYS
  • 08/28/14 Update TLYS ($8.52, Neutral; $9.00 PT): Deja vu; Q3 guide-down; weak value messaging/ongoing negative comps and de-leverage; e-com declined; change needed;…
  • 08/28/14 Update ADI ($51.03, Buy; $62.00 PT): Solid Start To Acquisition Era W/Revenues As BR Expected; Tgt Is $62.0
  • 08/28/14 Update KLIC ($14.91, Buy; $17.50 PT): Announces $100MM Buyback Program; Maintain Buy Rating, $17.50 PT
  • 08/28/14 Update NTRI ($16.15, Buy; $22.00 PT): Highlights of Meetings with Management
  • 08/27/14 Update GSM ($20.15, Buy; $22.00 PT): Reports Strong CQ2 ’14 Results; Prospects Continue to Look Solid
  • 08/27/14 Update TIVO ($13.90, Buy; $19.00 PT): Q2 EBITDA Exceeds Expectations; Mid-Tier MSO Subs Continue Ramp Ahead of Strongest License Deal Pipeline; Buy for Upside…
  • 08/27/14 Update DSW ($30.99, Buy; $37.00 PT): Making progress on turnaround initiatives; strong concept, management, cash flow, balance sheet; raising estimates and…
  • 08/27/14 Morning Note B. Riley & Co. Morning Notes: BBY, DSW, REMY, RLD, TIVO
  • 08/27/14 Update RLD ($9.23, Buy; $13.75 PT): With Weak Summer Box Office in the Rearview Mirror, We Are Again Pushing Management to be Proactive on Spending and Capital…
  • 08/27/14 Update BBY ($29.80, Buy; $43.00 PT): Conservative Guidance Overrides 2Q Earnings Beat; See Upside
  • 08/26/14 Morning Note B. Riley & Co. Morning Notes: AMSWA
  • 08/26/14 Update AMSWA ($9.15, Buy; $11.75 PT): Q1 ’15 Earnings Preview; Reiterate Buy Rating and $11.75 Price Target