At B. Riley, our research process is an interactive one where we perform extensive due diligence on companies until the analyst develops the knowledge base and understanding of the company and the industry to make a recommendation. Our analysts continuously monitor industry developments and communicate with the management, competitors, suppliers and customers of the companies we follow, regularly communicating our findings through Research Updates and daily Morning Notes.

While we do not necessarily publish research on all of the companies we review, the knowledge base and understanding of many of our monitored companies parallels that of our covered companies. We actively cover over 100 companies and monitor an additional 100. Our analysts cover small to mid-cap companies that are under-followed or misunderstood by Wall Street. We believe that the pricing of small cap equities is frequently inefficient, and therefore provides the greatest potential rewards to diligent security analysis.

This Week's Research

  • 08/28/15 Update BEBE ($1.87, Neutral; $2.00 PT): Light Q4; Q1 guide-down; GM% better in Q1; but bohemian bogey will hurt comps/margin in Q2; our focus remains on…
  • 08/28/15 Morning Note B. Riley & Co. AM Note: AMSWA, BEBE, FLWS, GME, INTC, NLS, NVDA, ON, SNDK
  • 08/28/15 Update FLWS ($8.43, Buy; $15.00 PT): Maintaining EBITDA Estimates; 12% Stock Decline Unwarranted
  • 08/28/15 Update AMSWA ($8.39, Buy; $10.75 PT): Reports Q1 ’16 Results; Reiterate Buy Rating and $10.75 Price Target
  • 08/28/15 Update GME ($46.20, Neutral; $44.00 PT): 2Q Beats But Outlook Leaves Investors Wanting More
  • 08/27/15 Morning Note B. Riley AM Notes: AVGO, BRCM, BV, GES, GSM, HEAR, SWKS, TLYS, YELP; Tech Tour Previews: FLEX, IMMR, JBL, LITE, NEWP, SANM, SIMO, TNAV, VIAV
  • 08/27/15 Update B. Riley Silicon Valley Tech Tour Preview: Optical Components
  • 08/27/15 Update GES ($21.30, Neutral; $21.00 PT): Q2 top line and EPS beat on sales pull-forward; Q3 guide-below/FY top line guide-below; currency headwind and other…
  • 08/27/15 Update B. Riley Silicon Valley Tech Tour Preview: Electronics Manufacturing Services
  • 08/27/15 Update TLYS ($8.08, Neutral; $9.00 PT): Roughly in line Q2; discounting weighed on margin; Q3 EPS guide-below; trend of P&L de-leveraging; strategy/execution…
  • 08/27/15 Update BV ($8.95, Buy; $4.50 PT): Q1 ’16 Earnings Preview: Reiterate Buy Rating and $8.50 Price Target
  • 08/27/15 Desk Report GSM ($12.54, Buy; $22.00 PT): Reports Mixed CQ2 Results; Begins Booking Silicon Metal for CY ’16; Ferroatlantica Deal Still Expected to Close in…
  • 08/26/15 Update YELP ($23.38, Neutral; $22.00 PT): Upgrading from Sell to Neutral Due to Valuation and as Traffic to Site is Likely Improving
  • 08/26/15 Update B. Riley & Co. Tech Tour Preview: Small Cap Tech with Big Prospects
  • 08/26/15 Morning Note AM Note: BBY, DSW, GSM; Boardsport Report (ZQK), Media & Entertainment Tech Tour Preview (DLB, ROVI), Shoe Review (COLM, CROX, DECK, RCKY, VFC, WWW)
  • 08/26/15 Update BBY ($32.95, Buy; $47.00 PT): Strong 2Q Performance Underscores 2H16 and FY17 Potential
  • 08/26/15 Update Industry Update: Media & Entertainment: B. Riley Silicon Valley Tech Tour Preview
  • 08/26/15 Update DSW ($31.92, Buy; $38.00 PT): Light Q2 comp/strong margin/in line EPS; FY guidance reiterated; tougher 2H comparisons, but more fashion drivers; trimming…
  • 08/25/15 Update Mitch’s Shoe Review—Summer 2015… Survey of independent footwear retailers
  • 08/25/15 Update Mitch’s Boardsport Report—Summer 2015… Survey of independent surf/skate/snow retailers
  • 08/25/15 Earnings Preview GES ($20.03, Neutral; $21.00 PT): Earnings preview; positive signs at start of Q2; however, the promotional backdrop for denim reduces our enthusiasm…
  • 08/25/15 Update RNWK ($3.87, Buy; $15.00 PT): Carrier Agreements Should Help Drive Profitable Paid Sub Growth and Confidence in Turnaround; Adjusting Model for Games…
  • 08/25/15 Earnings Preview AMSWA ($8.57, Buy; $10.75 PT): Q1 ’16 Earnings Preview; Reiterate Buy Rating and $10.75 Price Target
  • 08/25/15 Update XCRA ($6.04, Buy; $10.00 PT): Fear Miss/Lower Wednesday Pre-Mkt After China Softened Mid-Quarter
  • 08/25/15 Update Industry Update - Internet: B. Riley Silicon Valley Tech Tour Preview
  • 08/25/15 Earnings Preview GME ($42.96, Neutral; $44.00 PT): FX, Comparisons, And Acquisition Could Muddy 2Q Results
  • 08/25/15 Update GIG ($1.66, Buy; $3.00 PT): Gathering Momentum in 100G and Datacom; Lowering EPS Estimates and PT from $3.30 to $3.00 to Reflect Increased Shares;…
  • 08/25/15 Earnings Preview TLYS ($7.86, Neutral; $11.00 PT): Earnings Preview: excess summer inventory could be a drag; lack of new fashion drivers in men’s; potential near-term…
  • 08/25/15 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: AMSWA, GES, GIG, GME, KTOS, RNWK, TLYS, TNAV, XCRA; B. Riley Silicon Valley Tech Tour Preview
  • 08/24/15 Initiation of Coverage TNAV ($6.77, Buy; $15.00 PT): Initiating Coverage on Emerging Auto Navigation Market Leader; $15 PT
  • 08/24/15 Update Industry Update: Global Growth Fears Crush Semi’s And Cap Eqp – What Happened, What’s Ahead
  • 08/24/15 Update Industry Update: Semiconductor And Capital Equipment: B. Riley Silicon Valley Tech Tour Preview
  • 08/24/15 Update MCS ($18.99, Buy; $26.00 PT): Recognizing Value for Overlooked Hotel Operations and Real Estate Portfolio; Sweet Spot to Benefit from M&A Opportunities;…
  • 08/24/15 Update DSW ($31.92, Buy; $43.00 PT): Earnings Preview: Checks suggest erratic traffic and a modestly positive comp; Q2 margin/quality of business should…
  • 08/24/15 Update DWA ($19.08, Buy; $26.00 PT): Pullback Provides Attractive Entry Point Heading into Stronger 2016 Film Slate and Improving Profitability; Upgrading…
  • 08/24/15 Morning Note B. Riley AM Note: DSW, DWA, FL, FLWS, MCS, VSAT; Semi's & Cap Eqp Industry Update, B. Riley Tech Tour Preview