At B. Riley, our research process is an interactive one where we perform extensive due diligence on companies until the analyst develops the knowledge base and understanding of the company and the industry to make a recommendation. Our analysts continuously monitor industry developments and communicate with the management, competitors, suppliers and customers of the companies we follow, regularly communicating our findings through Research Updates and daily Morning Notes.

While we do not necessarily publish research on all of the companies we review, the knowledge base and understanding of many of our monitored companies parallels that of our covered companies. We actively cover over 100 companies and monitor an additional 100. Our analysts cover small to mid-cap companies that are under-followed or misunderstood by Wall Street. We believe that the pricing of small cap equities is frequently inefficient, and therefore provides the greatest potential rewards to diligent security analysis.

This Week's Research

  • 04/17/14 Update SAP (€56.41, Neutral; €60.00 PT): F1Q Results Indicate Steady Business Trends; Reiterates FY14 Guidance; New Estimates Reflect Greater Currency…
  • 04/17/14 Update B. Riley & Co. Industry Update - Optical Components: Increased Conviction about the Optical Industry’s Growth Prospects in 2014
  • 04/17/14 Update GOOGL ($537.76, Buy; $641.00 PT): Slight Miss as International Slows and 1x Expenses; Reducing EBITDA Estimates/Increasing PF EPS; PT Declines from…
  • 04/17/14 Morning Note B. Riley & Co. Morning Notes: ASML, GOOGL, MDSO, SNDK; Consumer Products Weekly, Optical Components
  • 04/17/14 Update SNDK ($75.85, Buy; $100.00 PT): Mix-Driven Margin Reset Higher Has Legs; Buy For Upside To $100 PT
  • 04/17/14 Update Industry Update - Household/Personal Care: Weekly Highlights (EL, JAKK, PBH)
  • 04/17/14 Update MDSO ($50.51, Neutral; $53.00 PT): Q1 Preview; Expecting In-line; Stock Getting More Appealing on Pull-Back
  • 04/17/14 Update ASML ($82.23, Neutral; $79.00 PT): Weak Start To Semi Cap Reporting; Lower ASML Ests And Target To $79
  • 04/16/14 Morning Note B. Riley & Co. Morning Notes: DSW, INTC, LLTC, PBH, YHOO; Internet
  • 04/16/14 Update Industry Update - Internet: Stock Prices are Currently at Levels of Last Two Pullbacks; Further Downside in the 7-15% Range; Earnings Season and Associated…
  • 04/16/14 Update YHOO ($34.21, Buy; $46.00 PT): Surprise Upside in Display and Alibaba Makes YHOO a Safe Haven Investment; Now Trading at Negative EV; Increasing Estimates…
  • 04/16/14 Update INTC ($27.20, Neutral; $29.00 PT): Moving To Sidelines Ahead Of Challenging 2H14 INTC Catalyst Profile
  • 04/16/14 Update LLTC ($47.13, Neutral; $44.00 PT): F3Q14 First Take: We Expected Slightly Better Revenues From LLTC
  • 04/16/14 Update PBH ($28.20, Buy; $43.00 PT): Accretive Acquisition Announced--Raising FY15E EPS by $0.05
  • 04/15/14 Update TYL ($76.25, Neutral; $88.00 PT): Highlights from Tyler Connect 2014; Q1 '14 Earnings Preview; Maintain Neutral Rating and $88.00 Price Target
  • 04/15/14 Morning Note B. Riley & Co. Morning Notes: RLD, TYL
  • 04/14/14 Update ASML ($87.33, Neutral; $92.00 PT): Remain Sidelined With ASML With Better Value Elsewhere In Semi Cap
  • 04/14/14 Morning Note B. Riley & Co. Morning Notes: ASML, ATHN, CAMP, GOOGL, YHOO; Semi. Cap. Equipment
  • 04/14/14 Update GOOGL ($537.76, Buy; $657.00 PT): Earnings Preview: Expect Revenue Upside as Volumes Grow and Southern Europe Recovers
  • 04/14/14 Update YHOO ($32.86, Buy; $39.00 PT): Earnings Preview – Expect In Line Qtr & Guidance; Looking for Stream Ads to Gain Traction and Alibaba Results
  • 04/14/14 Update CAMP ($23.56, Buy; $32.50 PT): Earnings Preview: Upgrading to Buy on Valuation and Misplaced Fears
  • 04/14/14 Update ATHN ($139.13, Neutral; $152.00 PT): Q1 Earnings Preview; Strong Start Expected, Focus on Doc Adds
  • 04/14/14 Update Industry Update - Semiconductor And Capital Equipment Check-In: Discussing Downside Risk