EarthLink, Inc.

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Risks and Considerations

  • Acquisition/Integration - The Company actively evaluates potential acquisitions as part of its growth strategy. Acquisitions pursued by the Company could be dilutive to financial results and result in a difficult, dilutive or expensive integration.
  • Competition - The industry is highly competitive and many of the Company's competitors have greater resources.
  • Economy - Macro-economic issues such as increasing oil and gas prices and a possible drop in consumer spending could have a negative impact on the Company's business.
  • Execution - Management may not execute well on its restructuring efforts as it allocates capital and human resources towards acquisitions and related integration, possibly resulting in lower margins and cash flow.
  • Pricing Pressure - The Company's business could be affected by pricing pressure within the market.
  • General Industry - The Company could miss our estimates and/or their financial guidance.
  • Further Potential Risks - See the Company's SEC filings, particularly its 10-K filing, for a discussion of further potential risks.

Additional Risks and Considerations

    • Adaptation – If EarthLink is unable to adapt to changes in technology and customer demands, it may not remain competitive, and its revenues and operating results could suffer.
    • Execution - EarthLink may not be able to execute its strategy to successfully transition to a leading managed network, security and cloud services provider, which could adversely affect operating results and cash flow.
    • IP-Enabled Service Compliance - The current regulatory environment for broadband and VoIP services remains unclear, as the FCC has not decided whether VoIP is an “information service” or “telecommunications service,” and EarthLink must navigate shifting and/or uncertain rules pertaining to retail service delivery.
    • Telecom Regulation – EarthLink’s operating subsidiaries that provide telecommunications services subject to FCC authorizations are classified as non-dominant telecommunications carriers by the FCC and, as a result, the prices, terms and conditions of its interstate and international telecommunications services are subject to relatively limited FCC regulation.  The company still requires radio licenses and must uphold certain duties related to interconnection, resale, access, and the like.  Similarly, EarthLink is subject to various state and local laws and regulations.